Трассы для тюбинга

Покрытие для тюбинговых трасс. Пользуется большой популярностью в горной местности, где используется на склонах в межсезонье. Также его используют в парках развлечений и детских уголках.

Both types of these surfaces are designed for tubing tracks that are used to ride on plastic boats (or bobsleighs, etc.).

The plastic moldings UNISNOW and MATATUBING are mutually connectable, and can be combined with each other or combined with our other moldings to create sidewalks for comfortable walking and background operations around the tracks.

Moreover, UNISNOW surface allows you to ride skis and snowboards, and is laid preventively on the slopes to places where the snow layer decreases rapidly or where a rock foundation is present, especially at and near the entrances to and exits from cable cars, ski lifts, etc.

Usage of tubing tracks
  • mountainous areas
  • amusement parks
  • shopping areas
  • children day care centers and playgrounds

In the mountain centers, these tracks can also be used in the winter for so called snow tubing, where the track is covered with snow and ridden in the snow.


The tracks can be completed with moving belts or lifts for pulling boats or even people up the hill.

  • excellent sliding characteristics
  • long life
  • indoor and outdoor application
  • easy assembly and disassembly
  • when installed directly on the terrain, there is no destruction of the plants and the formation of mold below
  • high durability and stability
  • squares are colored in their substance’s state, so there is no rubbing-off, peeling or other changes of the surface
  • material applied is perfectly UV-stabilized and resistant to common chemicals (e.g..: petrol, oil, solvent, etc.)
  • easy installation / dismantling / servicing
  • minimal maintenance

The squares are delivered on pallets in a 3x5 squared or 4x5 squared pre-stacked state, which greatly facilitates on-site assembly. Depending on the customer's needs and choices, another composition of the squares is possible.


Delivery times depend on quantity ordered and payment terms. For example, for an area of 500 - 600 square meters, the delivery time is a maximum of 1 month.