Сухой горнолыжный склон

SKIMAT – покрытие для создания сухих горнолыжных склонов.

Surface designed for artificial ski slopes. Individual moldings - so-called brushes may be folded into strips of optional width and length.


  • full-size ski slopes
  • frequent ski slope areas with rapid snow loss
  • ramps to ski lifts
  • entrances to and exits from ski lifts and cable cars


  • year-round use
  • excellent sliding characteristics
  • long life
  • high durability and stability
  • brushes are colored in their substance’s state, so there is no rubbing-off, peeling or other changes of the surface
  • material applied is perfectly UV-stabilized and resistant to common chemicals (e.g..: petrol, oil, solvent, etc.)
  • easy installation / dismantling / servicing
  • minimal maintenance