Tubing tracks

MATATUBING and UNISNOW plastic surfaces are designed for tubing tracks, which are used for riding on plastic boats (or bobsleighs, etc.).


These moldings are interconnected and can be combined, or also combined with our other moldings and thus create sidewalks for comfortable walking and background around the tracks.


In addition, UNISNOW allows movement on skis and snowboards, it is laid preventively on the slopes to places where the snow is rapidly decreasing or where there is a stone base, to the entrances and boardings to the cable cars, etc.


Use of tubing tracks:

  • mountain area
  • amusement parks
  • shopping centers
  • children's corners

Tubing is a fun for all ages. Itá isá riding on plastic boats or bobsleds down a slope, which is similará to bobsledding. Tubing is actually a large slide on which children and adults ride in inflatable boats or bobsleds. Thanks to the MATATUBING and UNISNOW plastic surfaces, which Totexplast offers, it can be used on turbine slides.


The MATATUBING and UNISNOW surfaces are easy to bond and can be combined. This allows the development of different paths and routes that are ideal for different conditions. It is possible to combine these surfaces with other Totexplast surfaces to create a chain of walkways for comfortable walking and fromáground´ around the tracks.


UNISNOW navíc nab´zí more&scaron& í options. This surface allows for movement on skisís and snowboards. Therefore, UNISNOW is used as a preventive measure on slopes in places where the snow is quickly falling or where there is a rocky base. UNISNOW is ideal for access and stairs to cable cars and can serve as a safe base in places where it would be difficult to move without it.


All in all, the MATATUBING and UNISNOW plastic surfaces are a great complement for turbine dráhs. These surfaces allow the development of different routes and are ideal for different applications. The UNISNOW navigation system can also be used in cases where the snow is not sufficient or where the substrate is rocky. Totexplast offers a wide range of products that allow for the development of a wide range of escape routes.