Plastic products toteXplast

Sports field at home

So that no one has to restrict themselves in sports even on difficult days of restrictions and parents and children can play sports at home, we offer a special artificial surface for creating their own home playground.

Paving around
the pool

The high resistance to water, sunlight and chemicals ensures durability and trouble-free functionality, and the anti-slip surface, easy maintenance and aesthetic appearance make the artificial surface a practical and stylish choice for any pool area.

Artificial sports surfaces

NISAPLAST plastic surfaces are an ideal material for sports halls, sports centers, hockey stadiums, gyms, school playgrounds, children's playgrounds, hotels and other sports and recreational facilities.

Artificial ski slopes

The SKIMAT surface - or brushes - is intended for artificial ski slopes. These plastic moldings can be folded into strips of any width and length.

Tents, kiosks and showrooms

Our plastic surfaces can be used for exhibition tents, booths.

Outdoor and indoor swimming pools, saunas, dressing rooms

The floor is pleasant for walking barefoot, its perforated surface ensures the outflow of water from the surface downwards and thus prevents unpleasant standing in polluted water.

Industrial businesses, workshops, garages

The NISAPLAST plastic surface can also be suitably used in industrial plants.

Matting for terraces, balconies and gardens

Do you need a new surface for your terrace or balcony and do not want to remodel the tiles?

Ice rinks

We offer the implementation of a hockey field for shooting training or, for example, for playing hockey on goal.

Tubing tracks

MATATUBING and UNISNOW plastic surfaces are designed for tubing tracks, which are used for riding on plastic boats (or bobsleighs, etc.).

Artificial surfaces for house and garden

NISAPLAST plastic surfaces have a very wide range of uses for the house or garden.

Plastic skis for children

Totexplast also produces children's plastic skis for the youngest skiers.