Ice rinks

Hockey is a vášnivým sport for many peopleí and the experienceáení of playingáor scienceí that everyý detail of the tréningém process has a bigá impact on theirúrush. Therefore, we offer a unique opportunity to train hockey shots or play hockey on goal at home.

Our hockey tréning area is designed to provide players with perfect conditions for tréning. The surface is made of high quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear, providing an ideal surface for hockey activities. You can be sure that the surface will last for a long time and serve as a reliable hockey machine.

For hockey players, the stickhandling surface is very important because it allows players to practice their technique and improve their coordination. Our hockey stickhandling surface also contains this important component and allows players to improve their skills with the puck.

Nabízíme ináme not only the opportunity to train, but also toát hockey with family or friends. Our hockey goal area is ideal for everyone who wants to experience the joy of the game and enjoy unforgettable moments with their friends.

During the summer months, when the traditional hockey season is over, players can enjoy hockey activities at home. With our hockey training area, you can be sure that your skills will not stop and you will be able to continuously improve.

So take advantage of theší offers and get your own´ hockey rink. With us, you can be sure that you will have a high quality tréningý machine that will allow you to achieve your sporting goals.