Nisaplast as a surface solution around your pool

The artificial surface around the pool is an important element in the planning of the pool construction. In addition to the size and shape of the pool, it is crucial to choose the right paving material that meets aesthetic, safety and functional requirements. Totexplast offers NISAPLAST, a quality artificial surface that is ideal for this purpose.
Totexplast's NISAPLAST artificial surface is made from a durable polyurethane mix that is applied to a concrete base. This material is popular due to its durability, strength and many other properties that are important for use around a swimming pool. With an artificial surface from Totexplast, you get a safe and beautiful environment around your pool.
One of the main benefits of this NISAPLAST material is its low slipperiness, which ensures safety for people who walk on wet surfaces around the pool. Additionally, Totexplast's NISAPLAST artificial surface has anti-fungal properties, which means that it does not retain moisture and does not form mold and bacteria on it. This is essential for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness around the pool.
Another advantage of Totexplast's NISAPLAST artificial surface is its resistance to UV rays and chemicals. This means that the surface retains its colour and shows no signs of fading or yellowing. This makes the artificial surface from Totexplast a durable and economical choice for paving around the pool. Easy maintenance and cleaning are other practical features of this material, especially if the pool is used frequently.
Totexplast's NISAPLAST artificial surface can also be easily adapted to the shape of the pool and the preferred style. The material is available in a variety of colours and patterns, so you can choose the one that best suits your taste and style.
With Totexplast's NISAPLAST artificial surface, you get the benefits of durability, safety, longevity and aesthetic appeal for pool paving. No matter the size or type of pool, Totexplast's artificial surface is a great choice for creating an environment that fits your pool. Its quality properties and durability make it one of the best materials for paving around the pool.
Totexplast's NISAPLAST artificial surface not only looks great, but also meets all the important requirements for safety and functionality. Its low slipperiness ensures that you won't worry about falling or injuring yourself on a wet surface. The safety of your family and friends is paramount, and Totexplast's artificial surface gives you peace of mind.
Another advantage of this material is its resistance to UV rays and chemicals. The surface maintains its color and quality even with prolonged exposure to sunlight and chemicals used in pool maintenance. This means that you won't have to spend time and money on repeated repairs or replacements of the paving around your pool.
Totexplast's NISAPLAST artificial surface is also easy to maintain. Just rinse it with water and use a mild detergent if necessary. It does not need any complicated cleaning procedures or special products. This will save you time and make it easier to maintain your pool.
When planning the construction of your pool and choosing the material for the paving around it, Totexplast's NISAPLAST artificial surface is indeed one of the best options. With its qualities of durability, safety, longevity and ease of maintenance, you will get an environment that will serve for a long time and meet your expectations.
Don't hesitate to choose Totexplast's NISAPLAST artificial surface and create an environment around your pool that is not only beautiful, but also safe and functional. With Totexplast, you can be sure that you are getting a quality material that meets the highest standards for the surface around your pool.